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Did You Ever See…


This was an actual ad from the 1960s by the Rice Council of America. #Racist

Two questions: Does the Rice Council of America still exist? And if so, how am I not on that board?

[Via @Jenny8Lee]

Woody Allen Ad

Woody Allen pitching Smirnoff in 1966. As he once said:

Alcohol does something for me, but I don’t drink it.


Playmate Beach Towel

Clever concept by Grey…Argentina, natch.

Fashion Show with Google

Cool 30 second Google commercial created by (future dream employer) W+K Japan.

Best Choir Ever

The Cupsize Choir.

Japanese Whiskey Commercial Featuring Sammy Davis Jr.

Amazing vintage Japanese commercial for Suntory whiskey (Yes, the same one from “Lost in Translation”) starring Sammy Davis Jr. Make sure your volume is turned on.


The inspiration for having Bob Harris do a Suntory whisky commercial was partially inspired by the fact that Sofia Coppola’s father, made a real Suntory commercial with Akira Kurosawa in the 1970s.

Someone please upload this to YouTube. Thank you.

Dos Equis x KAWS

KAWS shows off on his blog his latest stuff: a collaboration with Dos Equis. A nice move by this resurgent beer company to strengthen their brand by flashing their indie and street credentials (KAWS is with us) to appeal to the inside-track pop art crowd.

Neiman Marcus’ Cool Kids Exclude Asian Girl


8Asians noticed that in this recent Neiman Marcus email “Back2Cool” (I see what you did there) promotion, the (white) cool kids are giving the cold shoulder to the Asian girl.

Who the fuck does that blond mean girl think she is? Too much attitude at that age isn’t good for anyone.

Salvador Delta

In a cross promotion supporting the Atlanta High Museum of Art’s upcoming Dali exhibit, Delta Airlines gave one of their planes Dali’s signature mustache.

In semi-related news: Do you know what Delta’s acronym actually stands for? Don’t Expect Luggage To Arrive. My mom taught me that one.

The Real King’s Chariot

Michael Jordan exiting the stadium in his Ferrari Testarossa. Note the vanity plate.