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Scene in New York

A delivery truck driver accidentally backed into a $300,000 Ferrari in New York City last week to create this unintentional symbolic representation of the income gap in this country.

Oldest Selfie Ever

This portraiture from approximately 1900 may be the oldest known selfie ever taken.

And here’s one taken sometime in October 1914 by the Russian Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna.

Center of Disneyland

Tens of thousands of visitors have probably walked right over the above tiny dot in Disneyland without nary a glance. Located near Sleeping Beauty’s castle this dot represents the geographic center of Disneyland.

Read about some other secrets of Disneyland here.


Browse some pictures from my life over the past few weeks, such as the one above where I couldn’t resist joining the other hordes of Banksy groupies at one of the artist’s more recent stencils. This one can be found on the corner of 79th and Broadway because nothing screams counter culture street art audience like the Upper West Side.

From the Archives

Accompanying a March 23, 1958 article in the New York Times pondering the then rapidly approaching reality of putting people in space was the above photo of a pilot…and a cat.

The picture’s caption: “A kitten floats out of the hand of Capt. Druey P. Parks, inside an F-94C jet plane at 25,000 feet. The speed of the plane, flying a calculated arc, counterbalances the pull of the weighlessness that a space man will experience.”

There you have it. Science. With a cat.

On the Internet, Nobody Knows You’re a Dog


In the July 5, 1993 issue of The New Yorker, there on the upper right corner on page 61 was an amusing single panel cartoon by Peter Steiner. A lot of the New Yorker single panel cartoons are amusing and often quite clever, however none of them would quite beat Peter’s for its cultural impact and legacy as the magazine’s most popular cartoon. Here’s a follow-up conversation with the cartoonist about what he’s been up to since those early days of the Internet.

International Camping Festival

These photos are from this year’s International Camping Festival held on Mount Wugongshan in the Jiangxi province of China and attracted over 15,000 camping enthusiasts.

Medicinal Alcohol

Seen here is a US government issued prescription form that permitted doctors to prescribe “medicinal alcohol” to their patients during Prohibition, although it was mainly bogus and a way for some physicians and pharmacists to make some extra money. It’s all about the side hustle, kids.

Your Friend, Martin Luther King, Jr

Telegram from Martin Luther King, Jr to Sammy Davis requesting Frank Sinatra’s help. Sinatra and the Rat Pack were vocal in their support of desegregation in Nevada hotels and casinos and would not perform at venues that practiced segregation.

A couple months later on April 4, 1968 Martin Luther King, Jr was assassinated.

From the Archives

There’s a lot of fascinating anecdotes in this recent provocative Business Week article on Jeff Bozos, but one interesting tidbit in the article is the screenshot of the original website back in 1995.

While we’re on the topic, stay inside our Internet time machine to see what other popular websites looked like when they first appeared on the world wide web.

Google (with the exclamation):

Ebay (with the literal headline. It’s an auction. On the web. Auction Web.):

MySpace (Awkward….):

Twitter (Creator of this logo has NOT stepped forward to claim credit):

New York Times (:


Lastly, I shut down the site a long time ago and most of the images are no longer cached, but courtesy of the Wayback Machine, here is a screenshot of my original blog on Xanga back in 2004: