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How Did They Do That?

Try to figure out the trick in this alternadvertising video for a Samsung phone with a built in “HD” video camera. It gets good around the 0:50 mark. It does look really great in HD.

Update: Here’s the solution to how they created this tricky video.

What Funny Looks Like

Terrific ad created for the Dutch Comedy Central by agency Modernista! which has a very unique “siteless” website of its own.


The Words to Work By Project

Publicis Mojo in Sydney created these typographic posters as a  “first of a series of self-initiated projects that will see the agency link up and work with various different artists and designers.” Or in other words, for shits and giggles.

Here are a few I liked:


I think it’s deeply important for companies to foster a certain creativity apropos of nothing that is permitted and encouraged to operate in a vacuum.

Spongebob Square Pants and the King Remix “Baby Got Back”

Hilarious alternadvertising from Burger King promoting their new Spongebob Squarepants kids meal toy.


Ad Spotlight: March Madness

Everyone tries to ride the coattails of the NCAA annual “March Madness” basketball tournament, including urologists.

Viral Ad Spotlight: Fun with Sheeps

In this viral video for Samsung some guys have their way with a herd of sheep. On second read, that actually sounds disturbing if not illegal in most countries.

Correction: Some guys string up a herd of sheep with LED lights in this fun “viral” video for Samsung. Start paying attention around the 1:09 mark for the payout.

Advertising Spotlight: Nestle Aero

Someone find an empty swimming pool, fill it with a ton of balloons, throw some bored skateboarders in it and film it.


Ad Spotlight: Bing Drinking Awareness

An ad warning ladies to go easy on the dranks. This was created by British agency VCCP which picked up a gold medal for best PSA at this year’s British Television Advertising Awards.


Advertising Spotlight: School of Visual Arts Campaign

Sometimes the best ideas occur when we’re doing some of our most primitive activities, such as eating and number two-ing as this campaign for the School of Visual Arts suggests.


Why Facebook Can’t Monetize

My friend Kaizar has finally figured out why Facebook can’t monetize. It’s because their ads are fucking insulting. Look at the targeted ads on his profile page: