Swung by the Soho Apple store just in time to catch the UPS guys unloading the new iPhones. The line was shorter than I was expecting but I imagine it’ll get hectic towards the actual time they will be sold.


iNeed Sunblock.

Look at all them iPhones courtesy of UPS! I didn’t notice any security presence.

iClose up of the boxes.

So many tracking numbers…what’s up with that?

Hey UPS guys: Less standing and more moving! Get those phones in there!


The most patient kid in the planet.

These hands don’t want no stinkin’ photo taken. It wants an iPhone!

iPhone bridging the racial divide…or is it a love connection thanks to the iPhone?

“Hey T-Mobile, Please cancel my contract. Yea. 200 dollars to cancel? That’s fine. I must cancel. Thanks.”

And at the front of the line…these people will sell their iPhone on ebay to raise money for a good cause. Or so they say.

(Thanks for coming by Boing Boing readers!)


21 responses to “IPHONE UNLEASHED VIA UPS!

  1. iCraziness.

  2. Thanks for the pix! Any guesstimate of how many phones was in that truck?

  3. What magazine is the ‘hand’ guy reading? Cowboys something? He doesn’t look like a cowboy.

  4. So many tracking numbers…what’s up with that?

    Those aren’t tracking numbers. They’re serial numbers for the ten iPhones in that box.

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  6. Heh.. I don’t think cowboy magazine dude is where he is supposed to be. :)

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  9. My ifriend sat in the iline since 9pm last night. He hasn’t called yet to tell me if he got it. I think that he doesn’t know how to work it. He ifails.

  10. How soon before the Iphones are on ebay in a big way?

  11. I would thing that UPS would have been more discrete than that with a ton of security standing around. Although then again maybe there is no back entrance, like there is in a mall to bring everything in through.

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  14. the q for iphones reminds me the lines found in frot of ration shops IN iNDIA

  15. Nice pics!! thanx

  16. americanmuslim

    Wow! I really would like to have an iPhone as well, but after much thought, I feel more comfortable waiting for the user reviews, and giving it a few months to see how things go for people.

  17. Same scene here in Dallas. Of course the sacrifice wasn’t so great considering everyone was waiting in air conditioned malls.

  18. the line at the Pier in Atlantic City last night was almost out to the ocean. Personally i only really was intrigued for a little less than 15 minutes.

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  21. iPhone sucks… Nokia is the best :D


    Harry Potter

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