Update: Just to clarify for those confused, the screenshot below is an after image.  To see what he looked like before his surgery check out the videos linked in this entry.

Arnold Schwarngsznager wishes, just wishes he had a tumor as rockin’ as this local Chinese man. This event occured last month but somehow passed beneath my radar.

With tumors on his face and head that would make even the most compassionate of souls like Mother Teresa say “Damn B! What is that?!” Huang Chuncai, 31 bravely underwent a potentially life ending surgery to get part of his 33 pound tumor removed. Yep, not only is it a tumor, but it’s 33 pounds of it, too.

The operation was a success–but in yet another example demonstrating that God, if s/he exists, has a twisted sense of humor–as a result of the removal of some of the tumor, he has now lost his balance and cannot walk properly, which was one of the central reasons given by the doctor leading to the decision to operate in the first place (aside from the fact HE HAS ELEPHONIC TUMORS ALL OVER HIS ENTIRE FUCKING FACE). As I’ve learned recently, some guys have all the luck and for others, life sometimes just ain’t fair.

Anyway, here’s the video with uber tumor survivor (Say that 10 times fast in a row). And Angelina Jolie’s really taking her interest in the nonwhites of the world to another level because here’s a YouTube clip of her comforting Huang Chuncai.

[Er, thanks Munira?]




  2. YUP!!! It’s his AFTER!


    Obviously, Chinese doctors do not know what “finishing a surgery” means.

  4. (And do you like how there’s a 5 hour difference between my two comments? That’s how long it took me to get the courage to watch the video.)

  5. I wonder if he shaves.


  7. Look kids, i would suggest that you take your conversations where you appear to be bumming up each others comments elsewhere.

    do you know what it is like to have anything that is not seen to be the norm. Can you imagine going to school and being the one that everyone else laughs at? Makes it easy on everyone else when there one target to be bullied. haha well if anyone targets you, then why not re-direct it to the elephant man!!

    well this so called elephant man is a human being and although your comments suggest you are a being of some type, i doubt very much that either of you warrant the human part.

    Maybe you are both just young and wish to flirt with each other, well you have got the wrong channel.

    guess your not that bright.

    his name is Huang Chuncai and is a person! Leave the silly comments elsewhere.

    incase you find it difficult to understand, this person has had to leave his family behind, go to a hospital where he knows nobody and be operated upon. One of many operations!!

    The man lived as a recluse because this world is so cruel. leaving home alone was a major step, getting out the door to face people with stupid comments was an amazing challenge.

    Personally i think this is a very interesting case and i truly wish him well with the surgery and in what will be a new life in the future once all of his surgery is completed.

    if you are really interested in whether he shaves i am sure you could to some research, which may be more productive than sarcastic comments.

  8. God bless everyone. It is so sad to see people like this.


  10. Oh my god i can’t believe this. It really makes me cherish my life and not want to complain about nothing.

  11. JJ said: “guess your not that bright.”

    Now JJ, I’m not a rocket scientist or anything, but I have this odd feeling that you used the wrong form of “your.”

    Guess YOU’RE not that bright, either.

  12. Holy shit! Kill it with fire!

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  14. Other than JJ…

    You guys are a bunch of jerks. Do you really not have any souls? How many of you call yourselves christian? Aren’t christians not supposed to judge others? And as for non christians, how did you feel everytime you got laughed at for something when you were younger. Someone gave you crap about a pimple, or maybe you were a little overweight, who knows, but I know you were laughed at. Imagine how this man feels? You people disgust me, and I hope you feel the bite of karma one day.

  15. This picture is from BEFORE his surgery. He’s had two surgeries since this photo was taken. I saw a documentary on him on Channel 4.
    This is a picture of him before his second operation.

  16. sorry… this pic was after the first operation, but the link in my post above shows his improvement and how much he has healed before his second surgery which has also been successful. I hope that he can now lead a more comfortable life.

  17. I want to lick him

  18. Bless his soul

  19. No people this isnt his after this is before duh!

  20. I’m so sorry this is one of your top posts.

  21. hey everyone slamming people for poking fun at the situation:

    ever have a cut in your mouth that would heal if you would stop poking at it with your tongue? that is all the people poking fun. Turn the other cheek and they will go away, just like paris hilton… as for calling myself christian, i definitely don’t…. but seriously you don’t have better things to do then police peoplese freedom of speech? give it a rest.

  22. this is sooo sad that everyone would tlk about him get a life and learn to tlk about something else like ur life your family and your friends b/c i am sure that u dont have any room to tlk you r about the lowest people that i have ever seen!!!!that is sad!!!GET A LIFE!!!!!!

  23. uh i am so sorry for how u were born like that im sorry i hope u get better ok well i go t o go ok bye i have to go take my dog a shower

  24. Hah I am really the only comment to this awesome article?!?

  25. Poor man.

  26. brandy garcia

    i feel bad!!!!:(

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