The Complete Calvin and Hobbes, Free and Online

Read them all here.

Also, the vast majority of the  Calvin & Hobbes merchandise you see everywhere are bootleg and unauthorized. Here is the complete and full list of all the merchandise officially sanctioned and approved by Bill Watterson.

  • Books
  • Two calendars (1988-1989 and 1989-1990)
  • A textbook called Teaching with Calvin and Hobbes
  • One t-shirt for a traveling art exhibit

More fun Calvin & Hobbes facts.



13 responses to “The Complete Calvin and Hobbes, Free and Online

  1. Great find! The first 10 issues don’t work but I can locate them some where. I used to love reading this on sundays, one of the the reasons I looked forward to sunday morning newspapers growing up.

  2. Calvin and Hobbes started in November of 85. It’s not that the first 10 issues don’t work; the first strip appeared in November.

  3. i hate this stuff so bye hehe

  4. Here is the entire collection in better quality; click “Full version” to open the comic in the original resolution.
    I do not own that site, or have any affiliation with it, and I am not getting any revenue or benefit from it; I just wished to share.

  5. My name seems to be linked with the website.

  6. Calvin&HobbesFan

    Sometimes the first link you have (“You can read them all here”) doesn’t work. I prefer it to the website linked with your name, you get a bunch on one page and its easier to continue where you left off.

  7. I adore Calvin and Hobbes. P_lease put him on my Yahoo mail

  8. The best cartoon in the world. I named my cat Hobbes.

  9. I like this blog. it’s elegant, informative, witty, minimalist.

    cheers, sir! that pi book bit was funny (showing not a bot).


  10. I love calvin and hobbes

  11. My son and I LOVE this. Thank you!

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