Group Art Project Results: Views of Your Bookshelf

Thanks to everyone for participating and sending in photos for this group art project per my previous request. It was really fun and neat to see what was sent. Now without further adieu and in no particular order lets all go see everyone’s awful reading preferences.

Annie at Frites and Fries. I still haven’t finished my copy of Rushdie’s Midnight Children…but Kitchen Confidential was a fun read!

Hello Moye.

Moye’s second photo submission. HEY EVERYONE, LOOK AT ALL THAT DUST. Also, sweet vintage Anne of Green Gables collection (disturbing placed next to American Psycho).

Jessica’s shelf.

A section of Melissa’s tower of books. She and I have very similar tastes.

Second shelf submission by Melissa.

Clay, my fellow science fiction buddy from high school.

Brian in Korea.

Paul’s shelf. You get one guess as to what he does for a living. I laughed at the awesome photoshop redact(ion). Someone please send this poor guy something else to read.



2 responses to “Group Art Project Results: Views of Your Bookshelf

  1. Books…pictures of books…the smell of old books…the ringing cadence of a great first sentence in a book. Disappearing into a book, like Gumby, slipping between the covers and emerging in that created world…

    Thanks for this, perked up my morning.

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