Right, so I’ll just dive right in. I’m quitting the Internet. Joke. I’m not Julia Allison. And the Internet helps pay my bills. I can’t quit you, Internet! That said I need your advice, readers.

I’ve been blogging regularly since 2003 and here on WordPress since 2006. I’ve loved every Internet minute of it. Its led to friends and even job opportunities. The majority of my blogging attention has been for the Sundance Channel’s blog Sunfiltered for which I’ve been contributing on a daily basis since they launched in the Spring of 2009.

My blog’s content has meandered through different areas and topics over the years and for the first time since 2003 I feel a bit adrift with my efforts here.

So my question for you all: What do you want to see this blog become? What sort of content do you enjoy the most? Do I have something stuck between my teeth?

Update: Thanks for the feedback everyone. It was great to hear from new and familiar readers. Your well thought out comments were  an interesting read for me. I look forward to devoting this blog to solely about cats and omg how cute they are.


9 responses to “Question

  1. I’ve been following your site for the last several years. First and foremost: Well done! Gold Internet Star for you! I like variety I find here on a range of topics. I read a lot of Internet and do a lot of Internetting myself – so it’s nice to find a site that covers some of the topics/points of interest/etc. that I may not stumble across during my countless hours of redundant surfing. Most of what I enjoy on your site revolves around the art projects/installations you cover. So – if I had to recommend more of any. one. thing, I guess it would be that thing.

    A fan,


    • Hi Ryan – First, thanks for reading all those years. Second, thanks for the (great) feedback. That’s exactly why I asked my question. I wasn’t sure if anyone else found my art interest…interesting. As it is getting warmer, I’ve been thinking of going to galleries more often again. With your feedback, I look forward to sharing them here!

  2. Hi Matt. Its Hector.
    Your website has offered great distraction from things I should be doing for years. The art is great, I skip through the “what I did last night” party pics (no offense) and I particularly like the pass along findings – I mean the random, quirky posts like recently Clinton’s letter or the Vegans description or Tracy Morgan’s reaction to cash cab – things i would pass along to people

  3. I agree with the others: the variety is actually part of the huge appeal of flipping through your humble blog.

    As far as themes go, well you already know how much I like your TGIF pictures. I also agree that pictures and coverage of art, installations, and architecture are winners. Mostly I just like hearing about memes and trends that are either criminally languishing in obscurity or quietly rising in stature, and like that you don’t ever parrot the popular stuff. I either find those entertaining or as fodder to talk about with other people since I don’t often have time (or, frankly, the geographical location) to be exposed to these on my own. That’s my perception of what you frequently do, at least.

    So, yeah, I actually think the revelry in obscure variety is your blog’s strength, strangely enough.

    • Thanks Sam! As I did back in high school, your thoughts always impact and influence me so it’s great to hear what you find interesting. I’ll make a point of sharing those items more often!

      Hope to see you soon in NYC. Always welcome to visit.

  4. dude, it’s your blog. you should do whatever you want.

  5. Portland Oregon

    Long time reader, first time caller. I’ve always enjoyed the variety. I found you with the wooden vespa post and have followed ever since. I even check you on sun-filtered a bit. I have to agree about skipping the party pics but love the rest. Please keep up your walks.

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