Juror No. 18

The trial of hedge fund billionaire Raj Rajaratnam charged with insider trading began. An exciting moment for all except for Juror number 18 who fell asleep and causing “giggles [to] emanate from the gaggle of reporters sitting close by.” Juror number 18 also has a nickname: Hipster Juror.

Juror No. 18 stands out from the rest of the panel. Most of the jury is in the 50-year-old range, and the majority are either black or Hispanic. Juror No. 18 is a 35-year-old unemployed Manhattan resident with a bachelor’s degree in English. Sporting a scruffy beard, ironic glasses and a track-suit jacket, he is most definitely the trial’s Hipster Juror.

And Hipster Juror also delivered the best line of jury selection. Explaining how he spent his time since he became unemployed, he said he watched poker shows on TV and played video games. Oh, and “when we can get our drummer situation worked out, I’m in a band.”

Except for the fact he doesn’t live in Brooklyn…not a stereotype at all.


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