The latest issue of New York Magazine has a cover story written by Wesley Yang that is apparently about issues of identity for Asians Americans (I say apparently because I haven’t read it yet, but 89 percent of my Asian friends have forwarded the article to me and it’s what I gleaned from the cover and the water cooler buzz. Okay, I’m exaggerating: 88 percent of my friends sent it to me). I’ll get around to reading it right after I find out where the Dramatic Kitten Crash Test falls on the magazine’s Approval Matrix. Anyway, this latest issue’s cover features CLOSE UP BIG ASIAN EYES. I studied and wrote countless papers on “Important Issues Pertaining to Minority Identities” back in my college and grad school days. Yet my first reaction upon seeing the cover was to do this:


*That’s kind of the unsubtle point of the cover, right? So racially meta, which is what I find 90 percent annoying about contemporary racial and ethic discourse nowadays.

One response to “Sidebar

  1. Look at all those numbers in a single blog post. You truly are Asian.

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