Steve Jobs

For all the vaunted mystique surrounding Steve Jobs, despite his apparent health issues over the years, there was always something everlasting, if that’s the right word, about him as a leader. I was only 1 percent joking and 99 percent serious when I referred to him as Our Dear Leader. However this photo of him, frail,  resting his head against his wife, Laurene Powell Jobs, after delivering the keynote speech earlier this summer, is a reminder that even the great Steve Jobs is only human. This photo made me think of that old adage that behind every great man is a great woman.

Earlier this year a friend visited me and over a night cap she asked me, “Matt, what are you looking for? I can’t tell. This is why we’re not dating.”

My short answer was “I’m not looking to date you.” My long answer would have been that what I’m looking for is a partner with whom I trust will be there to give me support when I need to rest my head, even if I don’t become a CEO someday. Even if I do become a great man, I want an even greater woman there with me.

Oh yeah, and she should be a super hottie. At least a 9.1.

On a side note: In an uncanny coincidental sense, which a few of my readers that have known me for years and know how far back my history with Apple products go will understand, after an absence of a couple years, I re-embraced Apple by ordering a new Macbook Air this afternoon. Few hours later the wires reported the news of Steve Jobs resignation.


One response to “Steve Jobs

  1. Word. In his Stanford commencement speech he talks about how meeting his wife (and buying Pixar and founding NeXT) was the love that came out of the loss of getting fired from Apple.

    It’s amazing and heartwarming to see the positive vibes he’s getting right now. I think people feel like they shouldn’t be sad (he didn’t die, and Apple’s just a company), but they are anyway.

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