Weekend Update

On Saturday, I hopped on my bike to speed down a few blocks to Chelsea to take a look at David Byrne’s “Global Inflation” installation, which I had previously blogged about, as well as the Social Media exhibit at The Pace Gallery. I also hopped around to the other galleries.

These images don’t do this justice. It’s quite a wonder in person that is immediately accessible, especially to kids, who are allowed to touch and poke at the globe.

The good inanimate samaritan who agreed to watch my bike while I gallery hopped.

Is this a gallery?

I love this piece which was part of the Social Media show. This is a wall of photographs of people in front of sunsets discovered by the artist Penelope Umbrico who searched for the tag “sunset” on Flickr.

CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) art by Aram Bartholl. These things are the bane of my existence when I try to sign up for a new web service. Maybe…I’m…a…computer.

Another fantastic piece by Aram Bartholl. The artist designed these working hand drawn QR codes which links to the Google search results for a specific individual. I liked the hand drawn aspect of it.

One in a series of four “apps.” I can’t wait to download Yums: an app that will create all my favorite noms instantly.

Illuminated globes.

And of course I had to get my Serra on again at the Gagosian.


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