2 Broke Girls, 1 Racist Show

I’ve actually been meaning to jump on my soap box here or on Twitter and express a mini rant about the new sitcom “2 Broke Girls,” but the latest issue of New York Magazine and its Approval Matrix beat me to the punch. I circled in red above, which reflected exactly my outrage about the show, which is: Really? A show about hip people in Brooklyn in the 21st Century and you’re still going with the accented neutered Asian guy? The Magazine similarly wrote:

2 Broke Girls has an “Asian guy who can’t pronounce his R’s” character in 2011. Did Herman Cain write this show?

I would hope the show’s writers and some of the executives, many who are of my generation (I know, I’m getting old), wouldn’t need to rely on such cheap ignorant tropes for laughs. I’m really disappointed in them. It seems we can never escape the ghost of Long Duk Dong.


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