SUNfiltered Digest

On a sunny day in New York City where thousands of people of all shapes and sizes each ran 26 miles, I had an equally arduous day: I woke up, ordered Chinese for delivery, took a nap, watched some more TV, took a walk to get pizza followed by some hot chocolate on my way home. I did enjoy watching NBC’s coverage of the marathon. I woke up in time to catch the thrilling homestretch sprint for the number one spot among the women, which was won by an Ethiopian, Firehiwot Dado. I tweeted: Even more badass than the way Firehiwot Dado won the NYC marathon is the fact that she has FIRE in her name. I also said that watching the NYC marathon was more enjoyable when you imagined that all the runners were trying to escape a zombie invasion.

Anyhoo, here are my entries last week on Sundance Channel’s SUNfiltered blog that I hope you read and enjoy, and if you don’t a KITTEN WILL DIE.


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