“I Should Build a Wall Around It and Start Charging Money”

Banksy has been running around New York City the past week doing what he does best including updating “few pieces of citizen graffiti a Broadway makeover, slapping the phrase “The Musical” after tags that say “dirty underwear,” “OCCUPY!” and “PLAYGROUND MOB.””

As expected his pieces have been quickly drawing a crowd, but this local resident was already at work scrubbing evidence of Banksy’s visit to the “dirty underwear” tag at 204 Bushwick Avenue. When told it was a by a famous artist, the man responded “I should build a wall around it and start charging money.”

Yes, he should. This is what they did in Park City, Utah to one of Banksy’s stencils. They added a protective encasing around it.

[Insert comment here about the ironic intersection of commerce and capitalism, street art, fame, gentrification of New York City and link to this amazing relevant sighting.]


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