About Me


This blog (an activity I’ve been indulging in since 2003) represents a sliver of the always curious, slightly frantic, and occasionally nutty nature of my mind and personality. It is my intent to share with you the interesting sights and sounds I encounter during my peregrinations around the World Wide Internet, as well as from my own personal life.


“MRod,” which friends have been calling me since college, is similar to nicknames given to professional athletes with whom I share the same popular last name, but not salary.


I grew up in Anchorage, Alaska and went through the predictable phases involving Cosby sweaters, coke-bottle eye glasses, and bowl-cut hairstyles. I now reside in Manhattan.


This is a personal blog. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my current, future, or past employers. I sometimes use a voice in my writing or post content that is not necessarily an accurate representation of who I am or what I truly believe. Therefore, I hope you understand nuance, sarcasm, and satire, even if it is poorly written at times. If you do not like what you read here or find the content disagreeable, then please stop reading and find alternative distractions.


I’m always open to new ideas, links, stories, or any other suggestions. You can contact me via:

Email: Matthew[dot]Rodriguez[@]gmail[dot]com


16 responses to “About Me

  1. Destroyer (aka Cupcake)

    I saw Winona Ryder shopping at NineWest today on 5th Ave and 20th street. By far my most exciting celeb sighting.

  2. I would like to exchange links with your blog. i too have a celebrity gossip blog.

  3. matt,

    This is Lauren’s brother in law Robb. I found this site and figured you would like it.

    It seems like you would appreciate the humor.


    check it out.

  4. mrod, you are the unadulterated dunn. this is unquestioned.

  5. blog’s on fire man, blogs on fire.

  6. Brown and columbia? nice. Matt, I had no idea! Haha

  7. you don't know squat

    He had to get that brown stink off of him, so he came to CU to wash it away in beautiful refreshing waters of lake minnetonka…err i mean the Hudson…hmm, CU education and the water at dodge gym……ahh forget it.

  8. someone tagged yr logo

    wait, you mean someone from Alaska can actually make in the real world? Ok so Soho isn’t really real world and Park Slope is well…Park Slope, but it’s still Crooklyn

  9. Homeboy Sandman is everywhere! LMAO

  10. I found your blog through Ranmon…love the observations!


  11. You seem interesting. Brown was my dream school. Wah wah.

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