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Nike NYC Logo

Here’s how one can transform “NIKE” into my favorite city “NYC” courtesy of the design shop Triboro.

Children’s Dream Chairs in Real Life

A classroom of seven and eight-year olds at St John’s Church of England Primary School in Kingston, Surrey were each given a piece of paper and told to draw their dream chair. Two of the drawings were then selected and actually built by designers Jack Beveridge and Joshua Lake.

The rocking chair pictured above includes a fish bowl which is rather inconsiderate for the fish considering that it’s attached to a…rocking chair. Kids…Can’t trust them.

The children whose drawings weren’t selected were taught a life lesson about winners and losers in life.

Cool Towel Bro

Apropos towel for all beach bros this summer.


In his new book “Things Come Apart: A Teardown Manual for Modern Living,” Todd McLellan neatly disassembles
the parts of various familiar objects “from iPads to Blackberry phones, Raleigh bikes to laptops, even a Zenith CH 650 aircraft.”

Who Invented the Smiley Face?

Nope, it isn’t Forrest Gump.

In 1963 designer Harvey Ross Ball was “commissioned to create a graphic to raise morale among the employees of an insurance company after a series of difficult mergers and acquisitions. Ball finished the design in less than 10 minutes and was paid $45 for his work. The State Mutual Life Assurance Company (now Allmerica Financial Corporation) made posters, buttons, and signs adorned with the jaundiced grin in the attempt to get their employees to smile more.”

I quite prefer the crudeness of Ball’s smiley face over the evolved version that we see today. :)

Stairway to 1 WTC

That’s the escalator for the One World Trade Center (Don’t call it the “Freedom Tower”) being hauled up.

Evolution of NBA Team Logos

The most hilarious logo is the Celtics one from 1950 to 1968 which looks like a jester doing number two on an invisible toilet. See the logos here.