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Apple Watch




The above humble Seiko watch that Steve Jobs wore in this iconic photo sold at auction recently for $42,500.


Adding to Bucket List


I just want to get to a place in my life where I can wear this because it’s Monday and I’ve checked everything else off the bucket list.

Make Your Own Donald Trump Hat


Have fun with this Donald Trump hat generator created by Buzzfeed The Washington Post. (Seriously though, follow me on Twitter.)

Red Soul


This photo by @lmcshops of a trapped and abandoned Louboutin* shoe in the new Conde Nast lobby feels like a Rorschach test for the fashion set.

*These shoes retail for an average +$700.

The $91,500 T-Shirt

Maybe someday when our civilization goes by the way of the Roman Empire, historians will point to this $91,500 t-shirt by Hermes as the beginning of the end.


Thom Browne Street Fighter

Upscale designer Thom Browne’s latest upcoming line appears to be largely inspired by M. Bison.


T-shirt for the Internet

No, thank you.”