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There are only three things that America will be remembered for 2000 years from now when they study this civilization: The Constitution, Jazz music, and Baseball. These are the 3 most beautiful things this culture’s ever created.

Gerald Early



In 1989 a small record label Sub Pop Records signed another small band for $600, an amount that the label wrote was “six hundred bucks well spent—not that we had it at the time.”

The name of the band? Nirvana.

Rock and Rap All Night

From the Internet archives here is Tupac presenting with KISS at the 1996 Grammys.

Or you know, “back when music was GOOD back in my days.” – Old man sitting on a rocking chair on his porch.


In June 9, 1997, Radiohead performed at Irving Plaza after the release of their album OK Computer. The band’s guest list was a veritable Who’s Who of that era.


Depeche Mode Live on Top of WTC Tower 2

From the internet time capsule, Depeche Mode performing “Enjoy the Silence,” my favorite song of theirs on top of the World Trade Center Tower 2 in March 1990.

For Your Consideration

Kanye West just not giving a F.

Gangnam Jazz Style

I know at this point we’ve exhausted “Oppa Gangnam Style” ad nauseam and there should be a permanent moratorium placed on all covers and parodies of this song (though truth be told I still act like this when it plays at the clubbbbs). That said, the above jazzy cover version stands up on its own. And with that I may or may not being seeing PSY live next Wednesday night…