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When you talk about ambition, drive, and hustle and single-mindedness and obsession, the reality is as I look at our portfolio I don’t have any founders or CEOs who I would consider to be normal people in any way. They’re all weird. There is something very different about all of them. …It takes weird people to get this started, but how weird are you?

– A statement by Chris Sacca that is really relevant to me.

Vantastic Van


This might be the most beautiful photo of a van in the history of photos of vans. I wish I knew who the photographer was so I could tell him that his picture is vantastic.

The League of Ordinary Gentlemen


In between blowing things up and participating in mayhem some of our favorite characters have to occasionally put down their weapons and deal with mundane chores and issues as depicted in this photo series by Daniel Picard.

What is Love?

I’ve always thought of being in love as being willing to do anything for the other person—starve to buy them bread and not mind living in Siberia with them—and I’ve always thought that every minute away from them would be hell—so looking at it that [way] I guess I’m not in love with you.

– A 17 year old Jackie Kennedy’s break-up letter to her Harvard boyfriend R. Beverley Corbin Jr. Corbin passed away in 2004 at age 79.


Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The trouble is, I don’t know which half.

– John Wanamaker, 19th Century.

Passing of the Late Night Torch


If you had told these two back in 1979 (when they were still friends before Jay Leno reminded all of us that business is business and the only one you should look out for is yourself) that they would someday be replaced by people named “Jimmy Fallon” and “Stephen Colbert” they would have laughed you off the stage.

Scene in New York

A delivery truck driver accidentally backed into a $300,000 Ferrari in New York City last week to create this unintentional symbolic representation of the income gap in this country.