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Lazy Sunday



Why Flying is Awful

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 9.44.53 PM

Using a typical 1,000-square-foot apartment as an illustrative baseline, the Washington Post has this interesting article on why commercial flying is such a horrible experience.

Of course there’s an easy solution to this: Just fly business or first class. Done.

Fiery Sea Mine


I love this fireplace created from a repurposed sea mine by Estonian sculptor Mati Karmin.

Air Force One over Havana


What a surreal photo from Reuters of Air Force One coming in hot over Havana with President Obama on board for this historic visit. Here’s a roll call of his entourage.

The First NBA Game


Here’s the poster that advertised the first NBA game ever back on November 1, 1946 between New York and Toronto.

New York won 68-66 in front of 7,000 fans.



One Redditor shared this perfectly timed photo they snapped from their office in Tel Aviv.

My friend who sits in the desk behind me said that the sky and my laptop wallpaper look the same and suggested I take a pic. I threw everything off my desk and made the person in front of me get out of his chair so I could quickly get the shot. It was chaos.


When you talk about ambition, drive, and hustle and single-mindedness and obsession, the reality is as I look at our portfolio I don’t have any founders or CEOs who I would consider to be normal people in any way. They’re all weird. There is something very different about all of them. …It takes weird people to get this started, but how weird are you?

– A statement by Chris Sacca that is really relevant to me.