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Downtown Manhattan, 1906

James H. Hare snapped this picture from a balloon of Manhattan in 1906. Some corners of the Internet believe that this may be the first aerial photo of downtown Manhattan.


Scene in New York

The Magic School Bus field trip goes horribly, horribly wrong.

Scene in New York

Kottke spotted this commentary on New York City’s bike share program. I suspect that this is the work of Poster Boy.

Scene in Williamsburg

Neat scene in Williamsburg snapped by Dan Nguyen.


This is true.


Penn Station in 1941

I wish Penn Station still looked like this instead of the utter eye sore that it is today. Adding Port Authority and the monstrous towering vomit that is the Verizon building to this eye sore list.

New York in 50 Objects

The New York Times “recruited historians and museum curators to identify 50 objects that could embody the narrative of New York.”