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One Redditor shared this perfectly timed photo they snapped from their office in Tel Aviv.

My friend who sits in the desk behind me said that the sky and my laptop wallpaper look the same and suggested I take a pic. I threw everything off my desk and made the person in front of me get out of his chair so I could quickly get the shot. It was chaos.


Then and Now: One Times Square



Some things change and yet some things never change. I love that New York City has Times Square, but as a resident it’s truly awful. Little known fact, but the city government requires that all buildings and signage in this area be brightly and garishly lit with some precise rules.

There shall be a minimum of one #illuminated sign# with a #surface area# of not less than 1,000 square feet for each 50 linear feet, or part thereof, of #street# frontage.

And what about all the costumed chaos? That’s permitted by this old document.

Name This Location


This landscape looks familiar. Where on earth do you think this was photographed? Highlight below for the answer.

Okay, this was a trick question. It’s actually a photograph of Mount Sharp on Mars as taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover on September 9, 2015 and then stitched together in the composite view you see above. Look at that resolution. Mars!

Learn more here.

Llama Alert in Times Square


Photo of a llama cruising through Times Square from a LIFE Magazine issue on December 2, 1957. The picture was snapped by noted photographer Inge Morath. One of my favorite moments of this year was when we all collectively shared in the moment that will be known as The Great Llama Escape of 2015.

The League of Ordinary Gentlemen


In between blowing things up and participating in mayhem some of our favorite characters have to occasionally put down their weapons and deal with mundane chores and issues as depicted in this photo series by Daniel Picard.

Quiet Lives of Superheroes

I really enjoyed these photos of quiet, candid moments from this year’s Comic-Con in New York City.

Vintage Ping Pong

A collection of some vintage ping pong related photographs collected by Alec Soth.

The perplexed “what the hell am I supposed to do with this” look on the girl pictured above is great. Today I could see this same ping pong table being displayed at the Armory Show as some contemporary art piece.