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The First NBA Game


Here’s the poster that advertised the first NBA game ever back on November 1, 1946 between New York and Toronto.

New York won 68-66 in front of 7,000 fans.


Vikings’ Donut Club


This is great: The players on the Minnesota Vikings have a vibrant “secret” club devoted to donuts (and some camaraderie building along the way) with a governing executive board and strict rules of procedures, as well as a healthy bit of strategy at the individual level:

Before taking a bite, players must celebrate with a toast, touching donuts together like champagne glasses. “What I’ll do is I always try to toast with somebody who has a big chocolate one so I can get some chocolate onto my cinnamon twist,” Greenway says. “Or you always see someone with a nice powder, or a cream filling and you can kind of dip into that. It’s a strategic thing.”

Greenway is a genius.

Scene at a Knicks Game

This photo of Larry David sitting court side next to some other celebrities at a recent Knicks game is amazing. While the other celebrities sitting next to him are laughing it up, Larry David’s expression is a more accurate reflection of what the fans that day were feeling because the Spurs that day absolutely dismantled and crushed us.

Congrats to the Red Sox

World Series MVP David Ortiz celebrating with the biggest champagne bottle I’ve ever seen.

Master of Animated GIFs

This is the insane home-based workstation that GIF creator extraordinaire Tim Burke, a former professor of communications and speech who lectured on media theory and now contributor, works from and where he quickly pumps out GIFs of noteworthy highlights (or lowlights) from various games. He spends approximately 100 hours a week here and monitors dozens of games simultaneously. He is able to view and record from 28 sources at once thanks to his 10 monitors which are then split into eight or more mini-screens.

In the understatement of the year Burke explained, “I am not able to do many other things.”

His wife’s response to all this: “I’ve done a lot of personal growth this past year.”

[Insert GIF here of her rolling her eyes.]

Before he became famous as the head coach of the Miami Heat, coach Erik Spoelstra was just a lowly video coordinator as seen above. The position originally wasn’t even guaranteed beyond that initial summer in 1995 when he started working in this role.

Two years later he was promoted to assistant coach/video coordinator. Then in 1999 he became an assistant coach/advance scout. He ascended to the top coaching position in April 2008 and also became the first ever Asian American to do so in not just the NBA but also of all four major American sports (football, baseball, basketball and hockey).

The dude also clearly found the fountain of youth at some point.

Also, in case any of you reading this is under the age of 21, what Spoelstra is posing with in this photo is something called VHS cassettes.

Dear Mr. Cox


In 1974 attorney Dale O. Cox, a season ticket holder of the Cleveland Browns sent the above complaint and giving notice to his team.

The reply below sent by the Browns’ 28-year-old general counsel, James Bailey is the best thing ever.

The Cleveland Browns would finish the season that year 4-10. Also both attorneys turned out to be graduates of University of Michigan Law School.