The Dark Side of Brooklyn


Yoda is wise about the Bedford stop in Brooklyn.



One Redditor shared this perfectly timed photo they snapped from their office in Tel Aviv.

My friend who sits in the desk behind me said that the sky and my laptop wallpaper look the same and suggested I take a pic. I threw everything off my desk and made the person in front of me get out of his chair so I could quickly get the shot. It was chaos.

This Retro Futuristic Train Actually Existed


Designed by Henry Dreyfuss, these trains (named “Mercury”) connected cities in the Midwest from 1936 to 1959.

It’s remarkable how something so dated can still look so cutting edge and futuristic. Seeing this photo makes me think I’m getting a glimpse into some parallel universe where this sleek and metallic aesthetic became the prevailing and dominant design principle.

Adding to Bucket List


I just want to get to a place in my life where I can wear this because it’s Monday and I’ve checked everything else off the bucket list.

Choose Your Own Twitter Adventure

This is genius: A choose your own adventure that you can play within Twitter. Watch the gif and then click the @leonsintro2 link to get started.

Marvel at This Date


Today, October 21, 2015 marks the day that an impish Marty McFly arrived in the DeLorean in “Back to the Future II.”

Marvel celebrates this date with this timely comic featuring Deadpool, our favorite fourth wall breaking antihero.

Well done, Marvel. Well. Done.

Vikings’ Donut Club


This is great: The players on the Minnesota Vikings have a vibrant “secret” club devoted to donuts (and some camaraderie building along the way) with a governing executive board and strict rules of procedures, as well as a healthy bit of strategy at the individual level:

Before taking a bite, players must celebrate with a toast, touching donuts together like champagne glasses. “What I’ll do is I always try to toast with somebody who has a big chocolate one so I can get some chocolate onto my cinnamon twist,” Greenway says. “Or you always see someone with a nice powder, or a cream filling and you can kind of dip into that. It’s a strategic thing.”

Greenway is a genius.