You Just Have to Be Worthy: Real-Life Thor Hammer

This guy built a hammer that only he can pick up just like the mystical hammer carried around by Thor. Brilliant execution.

Related: Thor-themed street art.

A Day in the Life of Hunter S. Thompson


Hunter S. Thompson had one hell of a daily routine. His lunch sounds amazing.

How Woody Was Made

The original concept design for Woody in Toy Story is the stuff of nightmares. He looks drunk here.

This concept drawing from Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher shows Woody with the slits at his jaw to give him that ventriloquist’s-dummy look. “But as we moved into production,” Mr. Eggleston said, “looking at those slits became a little bit unappealing after a few minutes. So we decided, why not make him a pull-string doll?”

Read more about how Woody was fleshed out by Pixar.

Mildly Interesting


I think I’m going to complain less about the lack of space on airplanes and feel even more #blessed about getting to experience flat-bed seats on a 16 hour flight after seeing this cross-section of a typical airliner.

Make Your Own Donald Trump Hat


Have fun with this Donald Trump hat generator created by Buzzfeed The Washington Post. (Seriously though, follow me on Twitter.)

Nihilistic Password Security Questions


Soheil Rezayazdi came up with some password security questions that are a bit tougher to crack than “What was the name of your elementary school?”

Speaking of password security, if you haven’t seen it already then you need to watch John Oliver’s interview with Edward Snowden on said topic.

The Steve Jobs Effect


Steve Jobs testing out the Photo Booth filters on the Mac in the offices of then-Apple employee Mike Matas back in 2005.