Vikings’ Donut Club


This is great: The players on the Minnesota Vikings have a vibrant “secret” club devoted to donuts (and some camaraderie building along the way) with a governing executive board and strict rules of procedures, as well as a healthy bit of strategy at the individual level:

Before taking a bite, players must celebrate with a toast, touching donuts together like champagne glasses. “What I’ll do is I always try to toast with somebody who has a big chocolate one so I can get some chocolate onto my cinnamon twist,” Greenway says. “Or you always see someone with a nice powder, or a cream filling and you can kind of dip into that. It’s a strategic thing.”

Greenway is a genius.


Back to the Behind the Scenes

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 8.57.35 PM

Some behind the scene photos and concept art for one of the greatest movies ever, Back to the Future II. In the above photo Michael J. Fox poses with his three stand-ins: From left, photo double Kevin Holloway, stand-in Robert Bennett, and stunt double Charlie Croughwell.

Semi-related, don’t miss this big wheel version of the DeLorean.

Then and Now: One Times Square



Some things change and yet some things never change. I love that New York City has Times Square, but as a resident it’s truly awful. Little known fact, but the city government requires that all buildings and signage in this area be brightly and garishly lit with some precise rules.

There shall be a minimum of one #illuminated sign# with a #surface area# of not less than 1,000 square feet for each 50 linear feet, or part thereof, of #street# frontage.

And what about all the costumed chaos? That’s permitted by this old document.

You Just Have to Be Worthy: Real-Life Thor Hammer

This guy built a hammer that only he can pick up just like the mystical hammer carried around by Thor. Brilliant execution.

Related: Thor-themed street art.

A Day in the Life of Hunter S. Thompson


Hunter S. Thompson had one hell of a daily routine. His lunch sounds amazing.

How Woody Was Made

The original concept design for Woody in Toy Story is the stuff of nightmares. He looks drunk here.

This concept drawing from Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher shows Woody with the slits at his jaw to give him that ventriloquist’s-dummy look. “But as we moved into production,” Mr. Eggleston said, “looking at those slits became a little bit unappealing after a few minutes. So we decided, why not make him a pull-string doll?”

Read more about how Woody was fleshed out by Pixar.

Mildly Interesting


I think I’m going to complain less about the lack of space on airplanes and feel even more #blessed about getting to experience flat-bed seats on a 16 hour flight after seeing this cross-section of a typical airliner.