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How Did They Do That?

Try to figure out the trick in this alternadvertising video for a Samsung phone with a built in “HD” video camera. It gets good around the 0:50 mark. It does look really great in HD.

Update: Here’s the solution to how they created this tricky video.


What Funny Looks Like

Terrific ad created for the Dutch Comedy Central by agency Modernista! which has a very unique “siteless” website of its own.


The Words to Work By Project

Publicis Mojo in Sydney created these typographic posters as a  “first of a series of self-initiated projects that will see the agency link up and work with various different artists and designers.” Or in other words, for shits and giggles.

Here are a few I liked:


I think it’s deeply important for companies to foster a certain creativity apropos of nothing that is permitted and encouraged to operate in a vacuum.

Spongebob Square Pants and the King Remix “Baby Got Back”

Hilarious alternadvertising from Burger King promoting their new Spongebob Squarepants kids meal toy.


Ad Spotlight: March Madness

Everyone tries to ride the coattails of the NCAA annual “March Madness” basketball tournament, including urologists.

Viral Ad Spotlight: Fun with Sheeps

In this viral video for Samsung some guys have their way with a herd of sheep. On second read, that actually sounds disturbing if not illegal in most countries.

Correction: Some guys string up a herd of sheep with LED lights in this fun “viral” video for Samsung. Start paying attention around the 1:09 mark for the payout.

Advertising Spotlight: Nestle Aero

Someone find an empty swimming pool, fill it with a ton of balloons, throw some bored skateboarders in it and film it.