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Apple Watch




The above humble Seiko watch that Steve Jobs wore in this iconic photo sold at auction recently for $42,500.


The Steve Jobs Effect


Steve Jobs testing out the Photo Booth filters on the Mac in the offices of then-Apple employee Mike Matas back in 2005.

Don Draper, Time Traveler

Don Draper (likely sexting or browsing r/gonewild) on his iPhone in the 1960’s.


A visual pun of Rene Magritte’s surrealist painting “Son of Man” that is sure to amuse or annoy art and mac fans. $9 here. This reminds me of the Snow White mac I posted recently. [Via]


This is kinda clever. [Via]

Cosby Sweater for your Mac

Protect your precious Apple laptops in style with these sleeves made from re-purposed sweaters.

$20 here.


Ads for Mac Support Company

These ads “using” mac file folders were created by TBWA for Norwegian mac support company Teknograd. They will protect your computer from attacks by TIE fighters, Space Invaders, and a T-Rex.

Each ad required 400 layers in Photoshop according to Martin Holm, the illustrator and art director.