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The First NBA Game


Here’s the poster that advertised the first NBA game ever back on November 1, 1946 between New York and Toronto.

New York won 68-66 in front of 7,000 fans.


Nasty Basketball Crossover

Oooo-eeeee! How did that ankle not break when he got crossed over by Derrick Rose??? He should have taken himself out the game. Nasty, nasty move.

Hoop Dreams: Election Day Ritual for Obama

Check out this CNN piece about Obama’s election day tradition of playing some basketball with friends. I especially like the jerseys they wear. Note Obama’s slick steal and behind-the-back dribble. Obviously his new professional title would be just as fitting on the courts. Mr President!

Man, if I was a player in the NBA (If you make a Yao Ming joke I will in fact kill you), I’d start a collection of a signed basketball by every one of his supporters in the league to send to him as a present. David Lee of the Knicks will make it happen.


Worst Dunk Ever

This player should have gotten a big ol’ FAIL stamped across his forehead after this embarassingly horrible attempt at a wide open dunk.



Dwight Howard gets a 10 for the prop.  And like….a 13 for the execution on his dunk at this year’s NBA All Star game’s slam dunk contest.  The dunk is off the charts and is even more impressive during the replays.