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I received the following party invite this morning from a friend.  I’m not going, and neither is my roommate, who would probably go if it was a party for John Mayer.  What is wrong with us?

…This Thursday is Ice T’s birthday, and he’s throwing a party/ performing at The Plumm.

His wife Cocco is also in playboy this month, and apparently that’s also a reason for celebrating as well.

It’s this Thursday with an open bar 10-11pm (invite attached)

Anyhoo, I just got a VIP (ew…) invite from the owners o’ Plumm as a thanks for throwing down on Friday.

Dancers- I’m going to head down from rehearsal so if you want, you ARE ON!

Hit me up b/c I’m going to submit my vip list sooooon.



And for the complete picture of this undoubtedly classy affair, here’s the party flyer: