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Interactive Browser

Warning, this site will take over your web browser, so it’s kind of annoying. But it’s still interesting to see how your browser reacts to these two clowns. You’ll be amused for 20 seconds.



Road Kill Carpet

This rug designed by Dutch firm Oooms with a cuddly “car-flattened, bloody fox” won’t creep out the ladies. Right?


Milky Way Typeface

Jónas Valtýsson created this amazing poster by photographing splashed milk for an annual art festival, “Sequences” held in Reykjavik, Iceland.

F*ck the Economy

Let the recession know exactly how you feel about it with this cup from the Future Perfect.

$12 here.


Sacrificial chair by Punga & Smith.


A photo I took at the 2009 Armory Show.

Sign Lanugage Created with Matchbooks

Neat depiction of the alphabet in American sign language created by New York designer JK Keller. I’m not sure what’s going on with the last matchbook in the bottom right corner.

Relatedly, here’s a young James Earl Jones perfectly reciting the alphabet in an old episode of Sesame Street.

Hybrid Staircase Slide

Kids nowadays are so goddamn lucky. For distractions they have the Internets, DVRs, BluRay PS3s, Xbox Live, playgrounds that are all hyper safe with padding and shit. And now this rad staircase?? British architect named Alex Michaelis created this staircase-slide combo for his kids at home. When I was growing up I had a NES and a tennis ball.