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Friday the 12th

This t-shirt graphic of sad Jason from the Friday the 13th movies is so stupid, but hilarious. It just really cuts me up.

$18.95 here.



Bandana Tie

A tie from Bedwin that lets you keep it thug in the boardrooms of corporate America.

Currently sold out here.


2009 Global Fashion Trends

In their typically snarky way, Vice breaks down the fashion trends for 2009 from around the world.  Stockholm in particular needs to slow the fuck down.


Retro intergalactic travel posters by Steve Thomas.


Ski Iraq t-shirt by Dangerous Breed.

T-Shirt Sketch Book



Scene in New York

On my way to the gym yesterday after work I spotted this man in all yellow swaggering through 8th Street. Relatedly, Scouting NY observed a man in all orange this week.

Super Friends with Benefits

This t-shirt makes me chuckle. $19.95 here.