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Busy Airport by Ryu, Ho-Yeol

I love this.

From the The 4th Seoul International Media Art Biennale at the Seoul Museum of Art.




A couple Koreans have won gold medals in the 2008 Summer Olympics with some thrilling and in the case of Judo now-champ Choi Min-Ho, downright gangsta style wins.

Choi’s victory in Judo is particularly fist pumping because he won the final match with a “devastating move called the maximum ippon” (an ippon is the highest score one can receive in judo). It’s crazy how he just quite literally flips it on all his opponents and then the gold medal finishing move is just straight nasty.

And then in swimming Park Tae Hwan snared a gold for South Korea in this close race:

And in related news to assure all those of you questioning my nationalist loyalties, USA! USA! USA!


Man, this is some sad sight.  What you see above is the burnt remain of the Namdaemun gate, a 600 year old marquee landmark in Korea.  This fire occurred a couple days ago.  When I was in Seoul some years ago I was fortunate enough to view this treasure and it was quite a sight.  This is what I saw when I was there.