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The Armory Show, Part 2

Pooja kept pointing to this piece at the show and saying, “Matt! It’s you!” At which point, of course I cursed her. And then she asked, or rather, begged that I pose with it, which brings me to the next photo…


And then silliness afterward at the bus stop.


Scene in New York: The Robot Busker in Best Buy

My friends and I noticed this absurd scene in the Best Buy near Columbus Circle last week: a gold painted busker, typically spotted performing the robot for tourists and extra change in the park, just chilling in the video games section playing basketball on a demo Xbox 360. He was quite cool and let me fire off a few photos.

[Thanks Andy for letting me use your camera!]

Worst Commute Ever

Brooklyn resident Tameeka Henry, 21, has a rather annoying commute to her classes in Long Island.

Henry takes a dollar van, a city bus, the subway, two Long Island Rail Road trains and a Suffolk County bus to get to and from school. 

And she’s maintaining a gangsta 3.9 GPA. I’m going to complain less when my R train doesn’t appear at my command.    

[Thanks Melissa!]

Brooklyn’s Underground Zoetrope

Board a Manhattan-bound Q or B train from DeKalb Avenue in Brooklyn (or on weekends, currently due to constructions, the R train runs on this track as well) and look out the right side just before the train emerges out of the tunnel onto Manhattan Bridge.

You’ll see a unique and playful piece of urban art: an underground zoetrope (“a device that produces an illusion of action from a rapid succession of static pictures”). This is one of my favorite “hidden” treasures of New York City.

Created in the 1970s by Bill Brandt and titled “Masstransiscope,” it fell into disrepair before being restored in November 2008 with no formal announcement.

The first time I noticed Masstransiscope, I thought it was just graffiti, but I was puzzled by why it was so brightly lit. And then when it registered that this “graffiti” was “alive” and moving with a specific intent, my brain exploded. I consider it a real treat that this is a frequent sighting in my regular commute and it never gets old. Vast majority of the people on the train never notice, but occasionally after the train passes this mass-transit zoetrope, I’ll make eye-contact with a stranger whose eyes too were caught by Masstransiscope and we smile as if we just shared a wonderful secret. The reaction of little kids to it is particularly awesome. They respond to it like Christmas. “Mommmmm! Looooook! It’s moving!!!!”

I’m almost hesitant to share a video of Brandt’s underground work because I don’t want to spoil it for you. I highly recommend everyone take this train to see it in person. That said, for my friends and readers who don’t live in New York City, here it is:

Last Night’s Party: The Day After New Year’s Eve

Woke up the next morning with a major hangover, natch. After meeting an old college roommate for a late brunch I headed over to Ayo’s apartment for some football.

On the walk over I spotted this empty champagne bottle on the street.

We ended up ordering 50 wings for 24 bucks. Then a couple hours later a pizza sounded like a really good idea. And we watched Tropic Thunder. Man that movie is hilarious. Ayo also showed us the cap to the Jameson bottle from the previous night. For some reason he had put it in his pocket. Haha.

KG trying on Steph’s Uggs.

Last Night’s Party: New Year’s Eve!

Fuzzily remembered recap from my new year’s eve. Went to a couple “PH” parties. Some of the photos below are jacked from Praerna’s camera.

Nnamdi and Gaelle at Stephanie’s party!

Party people! Yup, I decided to increase the temperature with a bow tie (and it ain’t one of them pre-tied Men’s Warehouse bow ties). Look at how composed and civilized everyone is in this photo.

Ayo, me and Stephanie the party host.

What was suppose to be a quick shot between Ayo and I became a shot of Jameson for every single person at the party. I was also impressed with the precision exit the entire party made after the shots to head downtown to ring in the new year at this amazing penthouse. Note the Jameson cap that Ayo is holding onto, because it’ll be making a surprise appearance later.

Cabbie: I can only take four people.

Us: But we have five.

Cabbie: Fine, but BIG TIP?

Us: YES!

Then we arrived at the penthouse and it quickly degenerated into hazy messiness where red cups were replaced by bottles, like the one Nnamdi is swinging around.

Cyrus and Hanna.

Some blackmail worthy photos were taken by this camera.

“Ayo, where the hell did you get the hats?”


Party people.

Haha! It looks like Cyrus is trying to protect Hanna from Ayo’s celebration.


“Camera’s up there.”

Hey bow tie!


And at some point I stumbled home.

The End.

Scene in New York

This sign below was spotted at a Duane Reade some time after midnight in the new year. Yikes!