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Then and Now: One Times Square



Some things change and yet some things never change. I love that New York City has Times Square, but as a resident it’s truly awful. Little known fact, but the city government requires that all buildings and signage in this area be brightly and garishly lit with some precise rules.

There shall be a minimum of one #illuminated sign# with a #surface area# of not less than 1,000 square feet for each 50 linear feet, or part thereof, of #street# frontage.

And what about all the costumed chaos? That’s permitted by this old document.


Weekend Update

On a sunny Saturday early afternoon I spotted this (apparently new) street art outside of the C, E subway stop on 24th Street.

Weekend Update

More photos later, but here’s a quick peek into how some of my friends and I rang in the first seriously warm weekend of the year. This is the official “jump off” photo for the summer of 2009.

Honest New York City MTA Annoucement

Obviously fake, but ya’ know, the honesty is appreciated especially as it’s becoming increasingly likely my monthly metro card will go from $81 to $103.

[Thanks Otto!]

Last Night’s Party

Last Saturday I attended a surprise belated birthday party for Pooja at a karaoke joint.

While waiting for Pooja’s arrival, her brother Chirag got the singing off on the right note. Mariya, with the SLR camera, looks very excited. Too excited.

Pooja and Chirag! It was also Chirag’s birthday that week: Happy birthday guys!

Okay, back to singing!


Ayo is all up in the food.

Ayo on the mike for a solo.

Pooja singing along with Namik. The lack of a microphone isn’t stopping Pooja so long as no one takes that wine bottle away from her. Classy, Pooja!

Thumbs up for the food!

As we neared the end of our reservation at the karaoke bar, we all become more frenzied in trying to finish the alcohol. Here’s Ayo doing his part as I enable the pitcher.

Singing loudly!

The wine bottle that never left Pooja’s hand.


Melissa takes a turn on the pole.

Ayo protecting the birthday girl…from herself.

Pooja dodging a flip.

Tri-party hat.

The End.

Weekend Update

I had a low key weekend. I dropped into a few art galleries and viewed Sophie Calle’s “Take Care of Yourself” exhibition at Paul Cooper Gallery and Adel Abdessemed’s “Rio” at David Zwirner.

I survived the rain and met Pooja at her apartment where I found her drinking an enormous glass of milk. I thought people stopped doing this after elementary school.

Namik and I in front of Abdessemed’s remarkable sculpture “Telle mere tel fils.” This entwined and braided piece constructed from three planes extends over 65 feet long.

Namik and Pooja caught in the knot.

How do we lighten the mood? Jump of course.

Take two. Haha.

Then we explored the rest of the artist’s works, like this regulation sized soccer ball made from razor wire.


I was struck by this photograph, “Saturday” of the artist’s wife and children walking down a street near their home in New York. Look closely and the urban idyllic setting breaks down.

Stunningly sculpture of a blackened car body evoking violent imagery of riots, bombings, and war. “Practice zero tolerance” is a clay replica formed from the remains of a vandalized car during the 2005 riots in Perpignan, France.

Then we hopped into another gallery nearby.

Cardboard furniture.

Quite comfy!

Wall E as an old man.


What mystery does this suitcase hold?

The banal wood suitcase is actually a portable party to go!


Lastly, we went to Sophie Calle’s exhibition. Previously where she asked various women to analyze a break-up email she received from her boyfriend. This was a wild exhibit that I highly recommend. And we were privileged to see the artist in person that day, although we were all too chicken to talk to her.

The email shot by a female sharpshooter at a shooting range.

Parks and Recreation

Ahoy! Viking ship spotted in Brooklyn at Leif Ericson Park! Sweet.

Relatedly, Dutch Johan Huibers has been building a half scale replica of the Ark.