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Air Force One over Havana


What a surreal photo from Reuters of Air Force One coming in hot over Havana with President Obama on board for this historic visit. Here’s a roll call of his entourage.


Apropos of Nothing

Apropos of nothing, here’s the cover of Golf Magazine’s January 2010 issue featuring Tiger Woods and President Obama.


Dr Obama and Watchmen

Someone hacked this Watchmen poster at the West 4th street subway stop.

Calling Posterboy.

[Thanks Melissa!]


Other than their concise but informative articles, I enjoy the Economist for its sometimes sarcastic wit and humor.  The last line in the quoted section below made me laugh.

It is theoretically possible that the superdelegates who have announced their support for Mr Obama could change their minds before the convention in August and hand the nomination to Mrs Clinton. But it is vanishingly improbable, barring the revelation that Mr Obama is secretly a polygamous Mafia boss in the pay of Iran.

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Europeans are perhaps even more entranced than Americans by Mr Obama’s message of “change” and “hope”. They are also being forced to rethink some of their deepest prejudices about America. How can the land of “Stupid White Men” produce a Barack Obama? And how can Europe go on feeling quite so superior to America when it treats so many of its own minorities so badly? The French parliament has only one black person representing mainland France.

The Economist’s recent Lexington column reflects on the potential hurdles facing Obama and McCain in rebuilding America’s relationship with Europe, although our neighbors across the Atlantic are currently swept up in “Obamamania” where according to a new Pew poll taken in France and Germany, 80 percent believe that Obama will “do the right thing in foreign affairs” compared to 30 percent for McCain. Of course, what that “right thing” is gets to the heart of “possible future tensions” that may arise from some of Obama’s positions on issues ranging from Israel (maintaining the status quo) to his schizophrenia on free trade where he “declares himself a free-trader” but then “saturates the airwaves with ads denouncing NAFTA.”

That said, in the choice between McCain or Obama, the concerns the Economist (which was decidedly pro-Hillary) has towards an Obama presidency is overshadowed by what an overall improvement, I believe, Obama will be over McCain and most certainly Bush.

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Time Magazine has more on the fist bump heard around the world, including a look back at the hazy history of the fist bump, which is also known as the “”power five,” “fist pound,” “knuckle bump,” “Quarter Pounder” and “dap.””

For his part, Obama…said the fist bump reflects a marriage that keeps him grounded. “It captures what I love about my wife,” he later explained to NBC’s Brian Williams. “That for all the hoopla I’m her husband and sometimes we’ll do silly things.”

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When Obama wins…