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Why Flying is Awful

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Using a typical 1,000-square-foot apartment as an illustrative baseline, the Washington Post has this interesting article on why commercial flying is such a horrible experience.

Of course there’s an easy solution to this: Just fly business or first class. Done.



Retro intergalactic travel posters by Steve Thomas.


Ski Iraq t-shirt by Dangerous Breed.

Is This Your Luggage?

Photographs of the contents of luggage missing their respective owners like this one:

Note the nurse’s costume outfit.


Worst Commute Ever

Brooklyn resident Tameeka Henry, 21, has a rather annoying commute to her classes in Long Island.

Henry takes a dollar van, a city bus, the subway, two Long Island Rail Road trains and a Suffolk County bus to get to and from school. 

And she’s maintaining a gangsta 3.9 GPA. I’m going to complain less when my R train doesn’t appear at my command.    

[Thanks Melissa!]

A Day in the Life of Abbey Road

Time lapse video of tourists recreating the famous Beatles’ Abbey Road album cover.

Some trivia about the iconic cover:

The cover designer was Apple Records creative Director Kosh. The cover photograph was taken by photographer Iain Macmillan. Macmillan was given only ten minutes around 11:30 that morning to take the photo. … The man standing on the pavement in the background is Paul Cole (1911 – d 13 February 2008) a US tourist unaware he’d been photographed until he saw the album cover months later.

Confession: When I was in London some years back I too visited this street.


The Salvage of Flight 1549 from the Hudson

Stephen Mallon has some amazing photographs of the retrieval of US Airways Flight 1549 from the Hudson River.

View more here.


Falluja’s Accidental Tourist

Luca Marchio, 33, a native of Como, Italy, astonished locals and Iraqi officers when he decided to visit Falluja, a still volatile city near Baghdad, to become their first (unexpected) Western tourist. 

Then came a 200-mile journey by taxi from Erbil, the Kurdistan regional capital, to Baghdad, where a startled Bashar Yacoub, 31, reception manager at the Coral Palace — a hotel that had not had a casual Western visitor since the American invasion in 2003 — took his details.

A good Iraqi bureaucrat, Mr. Yacoub checked Mr. Marchio’s documents and despite qualms about hosting a foreigner found his papers in order and gave him a room key. “He told us he just wanted to see Baghdad,” Mr. Yacoub said. Asked if he thought Iraq was ready for tourists, Mr. Yacoub said, “No.” When he was asked if he believed Falluja was safe for tourists, his emphatic “no” was echoed by staff members and guests standing within earshot.

But there was no stopping Mr. Marchio. For an extra $40, the hotel gave him a tour of Baghdad sights, driving him along the riverfront, where he could photograph a statue of Scheherazade, the narrator of “The Thousand and One Nights,” and see children playing in a riverside garden. He proceeded to the artificial lake near Baghdad University and then to the square named after Baghdad’s founder, Abu Jaafar al-Mansur, on the west bank of the Tigris.

He went on to Zawra’a Park, a family spot with a small zoo and rides. He finished his day in the affluent but bomb-scarred shopping district of Karada, where his guide for the day, Ramez Fa’eq, 23, said, “When it became dark, he got afraid and wanted to return home to the hotel.”

Read rest here.